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Thread: Meat transport through Canada to S.E.

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    Default Meat transport through Canada to S.E.

    I moved back to southeast Alaska last summer from the interior. I grew up here and transporting meat accross the border (driving) was not an issue then. Does anyone know if there are any new rules? Planning a road trip up in the summer for hunting, and one for chitna dipnetting. Thanks.


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    You'll need a passport now...lame

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    Default Border Crossing

    Normally You Don't Have To Stop At Us Custom When Entering Canada, But When Transporting Game You Must Stop At Us Customs At Beaver Creek And Get A Document That Proves That The Meat Originated In The Alaska. They Will Tell You Nothing About This At The Canadian Border At Beaver Creek Which You Must Stop At. When You Get To Haines Or Skagway Customs They Will Seize The Meat Without This Document. Also Be Sure To Have Hunting License, Passport, And Any Sealing Documents.

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    Default Thanks

    Big thanks for the heads up on the origination document out of Beaver creek.


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    Default Transporting meat

    I transport meat through Canada all the time, aside from having a passport, you need to have a filled out USFWS Form 3-177 filled out with all the current info on it. You will also have the quantity and the scientific name of the species, and must be stamped by the U.S. Fish and wildlife service. I get mine stamped at USFWS on the corner of Airport Way and Cowles. They (canadian Customs)will check this form entering and leaving. If you don't do this paper work and they randomly check you, you could lose your meat and possibly receive a fine....CK


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