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Thread: Trail lake or Grant lake Fishing?

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    Default Trail lake or Grant lake Fishing?

    Just wondering if anyone has ice fished these lakes and what fish species are present. A friend of mine said he canoed Grant lake last year and caught a fish and he did not know what species it was. Looking to find out what is swimming around in these lakes?

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    Never gave much thought to the idea of ice fishing in Trail Lake. The lakes (Upper and Lower) are very glacially silted in the summer so I've never fished the lake proper but have done very well in clear stream tributaries. There are white fish, lake trout, dollies, and rainbows present. The water may clear up some during the winter so ice fishing might be doable though I've never seen anyone doing it
    Have been curious about Grant Lake myself. Grant Creek has some good fishing though it's getting darn near impossible to access much of it from it's confluence with the Trail Lake system. The old trail is completely over grown and the stream has changed course a few times. Many years ago we also caught greyling in this creek but none in the last 20 years. Once tried to hike upstream to Grant Lake but the stream bed turned into a narrow canyon and there was a large waterfall that ended that attempt. I've often wondered if there were fish in the lake and have been told there are not. Now you say a friend caught something there and I'm wondering again.
    Another consideration is ice conditions. Winters tend to be warmer down there and so the ice might not be the best. I was down that way a week ago and Trail Lake was frozen but the ice looked a little rotten in spots and the river was open.
    If you're willing to make the hike in to Grant Lake you might also consider Vagt Lake. There are some decent rainbows in there.
    Probably didn't help a lot but that's all I can do for you.

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    Default Fishing Grant Lake

    After fishing Grant Lake a half a dozen times without so much as a nibble I called a friend who is a forest ranger to do some investigating. Had I called him first, I wouldn't have wasted my time. Heres the scoop.

    1. Grant Lake is a new lake, a couple of hundred years ago it was a glacier. The waterfall on Grant creek has always been to high and steep for any fish to get up it.

    2. The banks are too steep and the lake too deep. Most of the lake you can be ten, or twenty feet from shore and in water a hundred feet deep. There is not enough shallow water to allow the growth of plant life necessary for an ecosystem suitable to sustain a fishery.

    3. The fish and game biologist that lived in the cabin on the east end of the lake for a summer studying the water and examining its potential as a fishery (the fesability of stocking it). determined that the only fish in the lake are sticklebacks and sculpin. The lack of shallow water makes this lake infeasable for stocking.

    4. A couple of years ago there was a report of a golden finned dolly being caught in the small shallow bay just south of the island, though this was never confirmed.

    Grant Lake is a beautiful lake and my personal favorite hang out. I've seen a lot of wild life there, including huge beaver, moose, brown bear and a lot of goats, but (sorry guys) no fish.


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