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Thread: Cantwell?

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    Default Cantwell?

    Anyone know of the conditions in Cantwell area?
    I'd like to get about 23 miles in from Cantwell on the Denali Hwy, but question whether I need to snowmachine/mobile that far in.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    I was up there last weekend. The road is rough-plowed to the raft put-in on the Nenana River, which is probably about 18 miles in (estimate). It's OK for 4wd vehicles, but if it snows much you might have a hard time getting out. I rode a snowmachine in on the plowed surface and was able to move WAY faster than highway vehicles on that rough, slippery surface. It's doable to that point, but be careful. I wouldn't go any further than that, though, no matter how smooth it may appear at first glance.


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