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Thread: Haul Rd Boat guy?

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    Default Haul Rd Boat guy?

    I have read alot about a guy up on the haul rd that is taking hunters out on his boat in august-september, does anybody have info on him? Cost? Contact info? Is he there every year? How do you find him?

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    Default Check this guy out.

    Try his website. I believe his name is Randy. Good guy but I believe he is pretty booked up so you better call now. He can run you up and do a guided hunt or a drop off/transport deal. Reliable boat and pretty good reputation as far as I know. Runs all over the Ivishak, Echooka and the Sag. A couple years ago we ran into some guys that he had run upriver and they floated out in rafts on their own and did real well with caribou.

    Good Luck. Pretty country up there.


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