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Thread: Tying flies for Mat-Su lakes

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    Default Tying flies for Mat-Su lakes

    Plan on spending more time fishing some of the Mat-Su lakes this year and need to make up some flies.

    Plan on tying up some Chironomid Pupa, Scuds, Lake Leeches.
    What particular patterns, sizes, colors do you recommend? Any other flies you recommend? Thanks

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    Excelent choices so far. I would also add a few griffith gnats and elk hair caddis. Both in size 14. I also like to tie up some misquitoe emergers and fish them just below the surface film. I have done well with dragon fly nymphs as well.

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    Scuds, midges, micro poppers, gold ribbed hairs ear, pellet flies, attractor dries, woolly buggers and more woolly buggers

    I'll normally fish a big attractor dry with a scud below if fish are rising a midge if fish are rising to really little bugs (they often are) or just troll with a woolly bugger. I like woolly buggers better than lake leaches because they disturb more water and giver off more vibrations. My favorite is ginger chenille black hackle/marabou and a big gold conehead.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Fishing right after ice out, use very few weighted flies, other than some bead head nymphs. Lots of wooly buggers in size 6 or 8, mainly black ones. Have some lake leeches too- also unweighted. sometimes trout prefer the smaller more subtle profile. I will use heavy conehead zuddlers and madonas a little later in the spring, or if i'm trolling deeper water. Problem with heavy flies is when the trout are shallow you can't fish them slowly enough. Also have a variety of dragon nymphs. Early in the year, usually if you think you're fishing too slow, quit thinking and fish slower.


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