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    Wow what good timing for the first day of spring. Pictures and ideas lets see em

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    Thanks for the gardening forum!!! I'm looking for recommendations and or pics of green houses. Especially ones that can withstand the winds.
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    I wish I had my other computer with the pictures on it. Me and my mom planted over 150 bushes, trees, shrubs, fruits, herbs, and other stuff last summer. We used up about 1/2 acre.
    The strawberries, raspberries, and roses did very well.
    Sunflowers? Not so much. Everything else hung in there and I can't wait to see everyting tis summer.
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    Thumbs up Thanks for the forum

    Down here in mississippi and flordia on vacation and was checking the sight and WOO HOO we got our gardening forum. Looking forward to seeing all the great stuffs we grow in alaska and of course getting the great advice from fellow members on any issues we all might be having. Thanks for starting it and keep up the great work
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    Can't wait to show this too Tracy! Just in time for spring and boom here's your gardening area!
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