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    Hi all,

    The time is finally here to come up and experience a winter hunting/camping trip in Alaska. I have never done any snowshoeing. I dont really know what to expect is there any secrets as how to walk with these things strapped to your boots? I'm coming up for my Bison hunt. All the preperations are complete it is now a matter of finding a beast and shooting straight. With all of the experience out there from you guy what are my chances of spotting a wolf this time of season around glenallen area.
    Sorry guys I'm kinda a dork but I would really like to see the aurora borialis is this peak time for that also around the same area. Thanks for the help I'll let you all know how the hunt goes.


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    Default Well good luck first of all on your trip....

    I'm a snowshoer and like to use ski poles for balance especialy in uneven terrian or at a trot...I'm sure you know that snowshoes are rated for weight, so take that into consideration...

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    If you are running the new fangled shoes of plastic and aluminum there isnt' too much to it.

    Good luck with that buff - hope you have more than snoshoes for packin him out!

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    Use real snowshoes not those round toys that the city folks buy.

    Real snowshoes are long for a reason -- tracking. Those round things will turn and twist.

    As OneRiver suggested, ski poles. They will keep you out of trouble as well as help you get back on your shoes after you take a spill.
    Notice I didn't say "if" you take a spill.

    Don't forget a good pair of sunglasses.

    Oh, don't walk like you have a load in your pants, that is the mark of a first-timer. No need to walk straddle-legged with real snowshoes.

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    Default Snowshoes

    You will figure out the shoes real fast. I use 9"x30" sherpas but there are lots of shoes now that work good. Are you hunting the Farewell herd? I was wearing my snowshoes today at work. Another nice spring day!


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