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Thread: Custom Canvas Tops

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    Default Custom Canvas Tops

    Anyone ever had any custom canvas tops or enclosures built for a skiff? I am considering a top/enclosure for my skiff to keep me out of the rain.

    Any pictures of what you have done is greatly appreciated!

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    Suggest you make a trip to either Busters (my first choice) or Silver Streak in Anchorage. I had Busters make me a top before and he is making me another one if May for a newer boat.
    People who use Silver Streak speak just as high of them as they do Busters. I know Busters has a book full of photos of tops he has done for others.
    If you don't live close to Anchorage then this information will not help you much.

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    Default Custom Boat Top

    If you hurry you may be able to get a top built at Silver Streak. I got in and out within a week. I think they are just starting to get busy. I have no doubt they could make just about any top for any boat.

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    Default Storage cover

    Does anyone know of a firm that would make a storage cover for a boat in Anchorage?

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    nomar in homer makes some nice covers

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    Default If your good at fixing up

    I have a top with 2 poles ( which has a solid U shape and a hinged U shape off it) along with canvas and windows all zippered.
    Long story how I got but for a couple hundred which is way less than the material cost, you could mess with and make fit at least 70-80% and get adjustments done?? Was made for a Bayliner back cover
    PM if U want more info

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    I have my boat in at Silver Streak right now. This is my first time using them, but I have heard many good things about them. They have been great to deal with so far, and seem to be very knowledgable. They were also able to get my tall boat into their shop, where as most of the othe places could not. I was told by the others that my boat would have to wait until Summer to be done. Not going to happen...I will be using it during the Summer !!!!

    I can't wait to see my top. It should be done the end of the week, or early next week!!



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