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Thread: Cooper Lake Blackies?

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    Default Cooper Lake Blackies?

    I was thinking of taking the boat out this spring on Cooper Lake to glass for some blackies. Has anyone tried this in the spring? Any idea on when the ice goes out? I've been up at Fuller Lakes on Memorial Day and Lower Fuller is still frozen. Might the bears be up high and off the beach by the time the ice is off? -JR

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    Last year my buddy and I went there the first weekend in May and Cooper Lake was frozen and the ice looked rotten. We were going to walk to Russian Lakes but there was still a lot of snow. Didn't see any bears or tracks on the way in, but saw tracks on the way out.


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    Last May, weekend before Memorial Day, there was still ice on Cooper Lake. I have been there on Memorial Day weekend before the ice has gone out, and I have been there on Memorial Day weekend, and the ice has already broken. I don't know that i would plan on using a boat before memorial day, UNLESS you have some way of verifying when the ice has broken. That being said, ALOT of blackies back there, and if the ice is still there, the lake will be low, and is easy to walk around. Just be ready for a long pack out, being before June 1. Once the ice is out, you will compete with locals on the water. However, they mostly cruise the shoreline, so if you are willing to bust brush, and get on the slopes, you will find blackies. Also, if you go up in May, be prepared for cold nights. My leather boots were frozen over night, and the temp was near freezing, but by mid afternoon it was 60 degrees. BTW, my avatar is Cooper Lake last May.
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