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Thread: Bear Hunt / Crabbing on POW

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    Default Bear Hunt / Crabbing on POW


    A couple of buddies and I are going to be bear hunting on POW the first week of May. Hopefully we won't be to early......... That said, even if the bears aren't out and about we plan to have a great time. A cooler full of beer and a pot full a crab, could go along way toward making for some happy hunters! So, tell me, what can we expect as far as the crabbing goes off of the Craig side of the island. Is it good for Dungeness? How deep of water to we need to set the pots in?


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    There are dungeness crab most everywhere in SE. Look for a stream outlet with a gravel bottom and eel grass. Take a skiff and cruise the shallows slowly and you can see them. Put your pots in 2 to 4 fathoms below the low tide mark.


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    You should be good on your timing for bears not a lot to see but mostly big bears.Weather has been pretty good so far this year. I have done well on crabs on P.O.W. in May forty feet is good but remember spring tides are extreme so you my get twelve feet between high and low tides . Watch were you anchor your boat on the beach if you want to make it home that night.

    James Phillips


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