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Thread: Cabin Fever Reliever...

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    Default Cabin Fever Reliever...

    WaterGremlin got to scratch the itch a little yesterday...
    pull my finger....

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    Sweet I saw the open water just made me want summer to be here even sooner.

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    Thumbs up

    Great video, glad to see you guys back at it again.

    I saw the open water Sunday on my way back in to town and was going to send you a message today letting you know about it. Guess you all beat me to that, figures you all are all over any open water around here!

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    Default A couple of questions

    I saw the post with the pics a couple of days ago on this, and I was just wondering what happened to break the windshield?

    Also, was there any other damage from this? It looks like you were powering over some shallow water areas, and I am just curious as to how the hull does with this, since I am not a air boat guy. How did it handle on the ice, was there good directional control?

    I think you win the 'first on the water' award for Kinik for the year.


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    The windsheild broke when I was trying to power the boat out of the water and ontop the ice. The ice, which appeared to be about 4 inches thick, kept breaking right before the boat jumped on top of the ice. I said fudge it, and gave her WOT. The ice kept breaking underneith the boat and then it happened. The bow lifted up over the ice and came back down with force. The boat was ontop of solid ice but the windsheild looked like it was hit by a chunk of glenn highway gravel at 4000fps.

    The hull is pretty stout. The bottom is 3/16" and then there's 3/8" poly. The poly is a little beat up and will probably need replacing in a year or two, but the bottom didn't look any different after I pulled the boat out of the water than it did before.

    It handled just fine on ice, but I went really slow for the longest time. We might have reached a whopping top speed of 20 mph.


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