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Thread: Agulawak /Agulapak?

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    Default Agulawak /Agulapak?

    Anyone fished these waters around the Lake Alekanagik / Dillingham area?

    Looking to hit reds and rainbows this summer (July). Looking for run timing and any other helpful info you might be willing to share.

    Are any of the creeks that feed into the lake worth targeting?

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    I've never done it but I have listened to Chris B talk it about them regularly. You may contact him for information on what is better and timing. Look up Alaska Angler publications.

    From the sounds of it for bows, you dont need to look to far from the wak or pak sounds like it's pretty plentiful with them. One of those someday I'd like to do places, but definatly not this year If you go post pics so us dreamers can druel a little. If you need help getting Chris let me know.


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