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Thread: Dual batteries and switches

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    Default Dual batteries and switches

    I decided to install dual batteries on my Wooldridge. I see the Perko switches are less expensive to install but am wondering if any of you have used the newer "combiners" that sell for just a little more such as these:

    Happy? Unhappy?

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    I am running one with an Off-On-Both switch. Never have to switch batteries, and both always charge.

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    Default Both Charged

    But if both batterys are being charged at the same time, they will only charge to the first one that makes it to the pre determined voltage. One will always have received less of a charge.
    Even if both where purchased and installed at the same time.

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    Default Good Product

    I purchased that very unit last year to tie in my house battery to my port motor. The starboard motor sees that battery through an isolator. Getting rid of that this year and daisy chaining in a second C100 unit. If I was starting from scratch I would consider one of the newer units with the switch and combiner all built in. If you have switch's already, money well spent.


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