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    I plan on moving to Iliamna next year. Iím thinking of buying a Redington fly-rod but do not know whether to get an 8 or 9 weight. I plan of fishing mostly sockeyes and rainbows and maybe silvers or kings down river once in a while. Which weight would be light enough for rainbows but heavy enough not to break on an accidentally foul hooked sockeye (its bound to happen once in a while with millions of fish running through the river) in the Newhalen.
    The other question I had is, when I chuck ní duck, do I have to get shooting line or can I just attach 40 yards of amnesia/monofilament to my floating line? What lb test would you use for your main line and for your leader? In the Newhalen can you fish a dropper fly from your main one (like a nymph below and egg)?

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    8wt is a fairly versatile flyrod, can be used for 4 out of the 5 species of salmon. Wouldn't recommend it for kings though. 10 wt is the standard wt for kings, some prefer the 9wt (their personal preference). For rainbow, dollies and grayling a 5wt is perfect. IMO 8wt can be considered an all purpose flyrod up here in Alaska.


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