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Thread: Anyone want to play guide?

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    Default Anyone want to play guide?

    I thought that I might try and ask the members who frequent this forum.. You may have read that the family and I are comming to the anchorage area the 12th to the 18th of april to look the Mat-Su area over for a place to live and I'm look for some fun things for the family to do while we are there. I thought that Snow machines might be a great way to get out and enjoy some of the outdoors. One member had suggested to check out Alaska Snow Safaris. They look like the answer to my prayers until I looked at their prices So I was wondering if anyone had enough machines or knows were we could rent some for less and would be willing to show a retired Marine and his family some of your beautiful state for a few hours? I would be willing to cover all of your expenses and if you want a few extra $$ for your pocket. I realize this may be asking alot and not possible but the members and the people of alaska have been great and I thought that it couldn't hurt to ask.

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    If you're wanting to go riding within those dates, be prepared to drive more than 100 miles to get to decent snow. Cantwell, Eureka, Turny, etc...


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