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Thread: Prop Diameter and Pitch (Aluminum vs. Stainless)

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    Default Prop Diameter and Pitch (Aluminum vs. Stainless)

    Can anyone tell me what difference the Diameter and Pitch of the prop I put on my outboard makes?

    Also, could some of you tell me your opinions on the differences between aluminum vs stainless performance or function of props?

    I am running a small 16' with a 25 horse prop. I am looking to buy a couple spare props and am wondering what the difference between all of them are.


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    Default Props

    SS props don't flex and normally if pitch and size are the same the SS will push the boat faster. I ran a SS on my 25hp Merc for 15+ years (on Missouri River) and never had a problem with it. Basically SS prop is hard and stronger but you may shear pins on the shaft if you hit something hard. I personally had hit rock with my 115 hp Merc with a SS and it just bent it up. I personally like the SS over aluminum b/c that have never failed me.
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    same boat same motor loaded different can change the whole formula.


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