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Thread: Question On A 788 Remington

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    Default Question On A 788 Remington

    I was reading on the post about truck guns and murphy recomended a 788 remington. I have a 788 remington in 243 win. that I loaned to a boy several years ago to deer hunt with. He shot the gun with snow in the barrell and swelled the barrell. I had a gunsmith to cut the barrell off and install a muzzle brake to get the barrell long enough to be legal. Barrell was 17.5 inches without brake. I have never been satisfied with the gun snice I got it back. If this was your gun what would you do with it? Also this gun was a tack driver at one time. What are my options with this gun without spending a fortune on it.

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    17.5 inches is more than legal length unless the total OAL of the rifle was under 26". 16" is the minnimum length of a rifle barrel without getting a $200 Tax Stamp for an SBR. If you want to part with it make me a deal I can't refuse as I don't have a 243 at the moment and would like one.

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    After barrell was cut back enough to clear buldge it was 1/2 inch to short to be legal. I was giving length by memory which may be a little short also. Had to have brake installed to make legal. I am not interested in selling because gun was passed on to me by family member. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Default get another barrel maybe

    you can buy barrels cheap on the auction sites then have it rebarreled.


    I bought a barrel at wild west guns for a model 78 remington. It was $100 for a stainless 24" .270 take off barrel and another $80 to get it put on.
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    Default Rebarrel probably to 7mm-08

    I think you should buy a threaded chambered pacnor barrel in either 7mm08 or even 270-08.

    Try to do it on your own. I would be a great project.



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    Default Rebarrel

    I would second a Pacnor barrel. Good barrels at a resonable price. If you want to go ACAP (As Cheap As Possible), you could go with a pulled barrel off one of the auction sites. My main concern with a pulled barrel for a Rem 788 is that it may be junk to start with. The 788's haven't been made for a while and a due to little recoil the Win .243 usually gets shot a bunch. The more I think about it I would go new if at all possible.



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