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Thread: Fishing Regs?

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    Default Fishing Regs?

    Where online can I get a comprehensive description of the retention limits for saltwater or fresh water fish in Alaska?

    I just want to know, for a non-resident, how many can I keep for one day, before freezing and packing:

    1) Pinks
    2) Chums
    3) Silvers
    5) Kings
    6) Halibut
    7) Ling
    8) Yellow eye? (big orange fish)
    9) Black sea bass

    Those are the fish I will most likely encounter during my stay.
    Im writing 'retention limits alaska' in google and trying other combinations but havent come up with anything understandable. Maybe Im dense

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    Depends on when and where you are fishing. Cook Inlet, PWS, Seward, SE, Homer......I think the new books will be out in April. I heard they were going to be a little late this year due to new regultions passed by the BOF.

    Here is a link to the 2007 regs, it will give you an idea:

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    I always read these but always end up asking people who are on the river/lake anyways. Its good to know before hand anyways.

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    Default in-season changes are a possibility

    The bag limits also can sometimes be changed during the summer, depending on the strength of the's not a bad idea to check before fishing.

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    The ADF&G link above is supposed to always be the most current and up-to-date. Whatever is published there should be what you need to abide by. Whenever you go fishing, be sure to click on the "Current EO's" link on that page and see if there are any new Emergency Orders (EO's) that affect anything you're doing.

    I've found the EO page loads pretty fast on a smart-phone, so if you're anywhere with cell coverage, it doesn't hurt to bookmark the EO page so you can get updates on the fly (ahem!) Then just carry a reg. summary book for the basics, know what you're doing, and you're good to go!

    (Either all that, or hire a guide whose job it is to know and inform you of all of this stuff.)

    Happy Alaska Travels!
    M/V CanCan - 34' SeaWolf - Bandon, OR


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