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    Wanted to see if anybody had any advice or experience on what the best rear position baby carrier is on the market.
    Looking at the REI, Kelty, etc packs they look bigger than my frame pack.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    How young is the baby? Our first is on the way in early May, and we've been advised to stay away from the larger packs until the second summer. This year we'll be using an Ergo Baby Carrier. It looks like a pretty nice setup - secure for the child and easy to carry - but I obviously don't have a first-hand report quite yet.

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    Default Kelty

    We had a Kelty and used it for two children. They will need head contol before using it, so second season sounds about right. Ours had the rain hood which worked well keeping the rain off them. It worked really well for us and even used it after they were mobile for berry picking and the like. We typically would hike in with them on our back and once we let them out, they we able to hike out. Kept them from getting too tired out.

    They are big, but you need a wide footprint to keep it stable when you set them down.

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