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Thread: Hats off to Paul

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    Default Hats off to Paul

    I went to Archer's Den this morning to fling some arrows. I walked up and there is a sign on the door: "Shop Closed for WTP; Please Come Back This Afternoon".

    Well, the door wasn't locked and I could see a bunch of folks in there, so I walked in. A fine young man (I assume Paul's son) sitting at the computer informed me I wouldn't be able to shoot. I said fine and then I saw Paul. I said hello and asked him what was going on. He relayed the following:

    He had been in touch with the Warrior Transition Program at Ft Rich. He told them he'd donate his shop (time, bows, targets, arrows, instruction, etc) if there was any interest from the fine young men and women recently returning from defending our country coming over and shooting. No stress, no strings, just come shoot, relax and enjoy some commradarie. He apologized to me, saying they had just contacted him yesterday and asked if they could send some folks over. Obviously, no apology was needed, and I thanked him for his offer.

    I know a lot of folks have nothing but good to say about Paul and his staff, and I am sure if you hadn't been in there you'd never hear about it, either. I just wanted to let everyone know what kind of man we have right here in Eagle River. This is the kind of shop that gets my return business any day.

    Thanks again for what you're doing, Paul.


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    Default Thanks for explanantion

    I also went to the shop this morning to shoot. Saw the same sign and several folks dressed in fatigues and Paul working with them....

    Just another reason to support Paul and his shop.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKdreamn View Post
    This is the kind of shop that gets my return business any day.
    Well said, and thanks for the report. I've had more than one person suggest that I buy my bow online, as I can get it for less money and have it set up to my specifications in advance. Thanks, but no thanks. When there is a businessman like this in town, I would way rather spend a few more and support the local guy. Knowing that he does events like this just convinces me more of the importance of supporting the local shop.

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    Default Hooah!!!

    He gets a big HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! from a former 11b army grunt. Thanks, Paul for looking out for our soldiers.

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    Paul, Rich, Gary and Joe are all stand up guys. My girlfriend and I recently bought bows from Paul and have nothing but good things to say about him, his staff, and his shop. We are fairly new to archery; Paul and the guys have spent an enormous amount of time teaching us the basics. We really appreciate all the help. Just another reason to support the local shops!


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    Default Right O

    I'll start by saying I don't know Paul and have never been in his shop, but it's because I'm in Fairbanks. But when I get in his area, I'll drop in.
    If you don't support your local shop, it won't be there when you need advice or help with a problem. And most of the box shops just hire warm bodies, who know very little.
    So support your local shop and keep a valuable asset available to you and the community. Way to go PAUL !!
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    Wouldn't it be great if more folks showed this kind of generosity and support for our troops? Good to hear this kind of report. Thanks for posting!

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    Default shop

    It has been great to have a shop locally which is well set up and operated by a great individual!


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