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    Default Winter King Derby 2009

    I know, the 2008 derby has not even happened yet.
    I cannot participate because my boat needs a bunch of things done, but next year I would like to get my father up and participate. I need to put in leave way ahead of time because it's competitive. Does anyone know when it will happen next year? (for example, is it always the last week of March?).
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    Default Planning way ahead of the pack --2009

    For the Homer Winter King Derby, contact the Homer Chamber of Commerce -- see their web site. They seem to always have the Winter King derby in March. But, it is my understanding that the Chamber does not make/fix the exact date of the derby for any particular year until they meet after Jan 1. That date of course is subject to change due to weather i.e. frozen harbor, high winds/seas.

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    March 21 2009 is my guess

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    typically it is the next-to-last weekend in march. that way if it is postponed one week you still don't have to sign the fish on the back of your license, and it doesn't count against your 5 per year.
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