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    I have foolowed all the instructionsand continue to get "unload in progress" an "Upload Errors". Whats up????

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    No idea. We are in the process of upgrading to new servers, so perhaps that'll fix your issue. That being said, other members have been able to upload pictures in recent days without problems. Have you posted pics before, or is this your first attempt?

    As for me, I use a file-hosting service instead ( The pics show up full-size in the thread instead of simply as thumbnails, and you can post 4 pics per post instead of just two. Just my personal preference, though.

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    I am guessing your files are way too large. Occassionally when I forget and try to upload a TIFF that is around 40-80mb in size it will just continue to say "loading". Check the size of your file and reduce if needed.


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