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Thread: spring black bear

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    Default spring black bear

    If you had a choice, would you use a .300 Win Mag or .270 Win for blackbear?

    I'll probably be hunting 14C, would you expect to see any bears in April or should I plan on waiting until May?

    Thanks in advace for any input you may have.

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    Use the 300, no matter what species of bear the more knockdown the better.

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    It wouldn't matter one way or the other for me. I have only shot one black bear. I used a 308 winchester at 250 yards with a 180 rem core-lokt.

    I would start looking at the end of April.
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    On snowless slopes along Turnagain Arm you might find some in April. Further up the valleys in 14C, though, mid-May would be a better bet.

    Either gun would be fine. Shoot both side-by-side at the range with the bullet that you would use in the field, and take the one that you find to be more accurate. A well-placed shot with a .270 is far better than an errant shot with a .300

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    Default just my thoughts

    If you were being charged by a brown bear which gun would you want in your hands? That should settle it for you.


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    Well, I have used a .270, a 7mm Rem Mag, a .300 Win Mag, and a .338. Big blacks are really, really big and for them, the bigger the better is never a bad choice. And, one never knows when Mr. Big will truly come along. Use your .300 and you won't be second-guessing yourself when the big opportunity arises. Good luck and enjoy!


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