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Thread: Gulkana/ Poplar Grove access

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    Default Gulkana/ Poplar Grove access

    I have never launched a raft form Poplar Grove. I was looking for some info on how far of a hike is it to the river? Also what kind of parking is there.

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    The only thing I know about poplar grove is the bank is STEEEEEEEEP!

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    Default LOL Dan

    Lots of places to Park around there Honest. Steep is correct ;-) still a none issue the bank has a decent trail keep your boat package as light as possible inflate your raft down on the river verses trying to carry it down inflated. Have a friend (Yes I know hard to believe) that does it every year and he has no issues at all. Normally his wife, two kids and of course him in a 14ft Otter, Frame, cooler and over night camping gear etc...

    Make multpile light as possible trips you will have no issues.


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    Guess I'm lacking on the sucker to help pack my gear down and over that bank. Looked at it once and walked away . Really from the private boat launch down is all you can ask for and easy access though it costs ya a bit. Then again they are kind of moody to it,letting you drop or not. Early on they did, then they didnt heard they did again....who knows whats going on there now. Sailors pit is also good float. Get the key for a deposit and you can almost drive to water. Or the SD drop. It's longer but again easier to get in an out.

    Tellin ya, that bank is STEEEEEEP at PG.


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