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Thread: Epirb rental?

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    Default Epirb rental?

    does anyone know if epirb rental is available?

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    Default Eprib rental

    Yes you can rent them. But their prices are highway robbery. For instance: You can rent a SAT phone for cheaper (50 week) For the price of EPRIB rental, just buy one. I recently bought a McMurdo for $389 from Consumers Marine. I was renting SAT phones for years but now will just use the EPIRB. Good luck.
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    epirb rental? when the aqua fix came out i bought one and carry that when hiking or fishing, it uses the 406 satelites, same as epirbs. i bought the onboard gps when they first came out for like $800, i think they ar elike $650 now. you have to register them online, bbokmark the page, you can file plans and update before your trip to keep rescuers notified. i change mine before i go out, names and addresses of all who are in the group,contact #,this is an insurance. the more info they have the better prepared they can be, rescue 6 or 2, are they looking for hikers,boaters,or hunters. i like the epirbs for 1 reason.....say you are out on a planned 1 week hike without a sat .phone and no cell coverage. on day 2 of your hike someone gets trampled by a moose,or slips and breaks a leg or arm...things happen all the time. unable to move the person not safe to leave them there for your 1 day plus hike back to vehicle. if you wait until you are overdue then your waiting for 5 pain filled days, before you are overdue. with an personal locator beacon(PLB) you can set it works same as epirb. sends a satelite signal to rescuers and gives your position to them... now they have access to your online plan, know # of people contact # to call and what to look for. you will be rescued within outside time limit of 24 hours, probably alot sooner. thats why i picked up the aquafix PLB, if i'm in danger of dieing, someone else is hurt and in need of assistance, i have the ability of getting them out. these have already proven themselves all over the world, and saved many lives, hopefully i will never need it, but it is nice to know that i have it if it is needed, on the water or on land i will be rescued. just my thoughts.jeff
    one last thought,iif your going to rent 1 and use it for more that 10 weeks why not just buy one, then batteries are all that has to be upgraded.


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