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Thread: E.R. Shaw Barrels

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    Default E.R. Shaw Barrels

    I saw on the inter-net someone was asking about Shaw Barrels.
    I just had a Jap. type 38 re-barreled in .260 Rem. Shaw not only did a good job fitting the barrel and action but in flat black, It Looks Great.

    As for accuracy, This old Jap shoot great! After a little break in as per Shaws directions, I hit the bulls-eye 8 times and could cover all of them with a nickel.

    I didn't have any fancy sled or rest, just a few small sand bags.

    Would I recommend Shaw Barrels?????? YES YES YES!!!!!

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    Default E.R. Shaw barrels

    I had two E.R.Shaw barrels, both quite a few years ago. one was a 45-70 barrel on a Siamese mauser action and the other a .270 Win on a Remington 700 action. They both were well installed and more than acceptably accurate. I don't know about now, but their pricing was very good then.


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