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    Anyone got good info on what that trail is like right now. I called a lodge up there and the woman I talked to said the snow is "kind of thin." Nice as she was, she didn't seem to know if it was really rideable or not.

    We're looking to go check out the infamous bus.

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    Default Stampede

    We drove back onto Stampede on our way to Anchorage from Fairbanks last Sunday. The snow was a little thin for my taste, more like a sheet of compacted ice. It looks like some dog sledders have been back there, but that looked like it. We drove as far as we could, but the road becomes a narrow trail, just past the last house on the right(with the horse pasture). There were lots of bald spots that we could see from the road. I would take my 4-wheeler with chains before I took my snowmachine unless I had an air cooled machine that I didn't care too much about. Save yourself some time and a snowmachine and stop around Cantwell to play in the snow.

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    Thanks for the info. It's what I was afraid of. We have a cabin in Trapper Creek so I think we'll ride in that area this weekend.


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