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Thread: Maybe someone can help me out

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    Default Maybe someone can help me out

    I am looking for a shock collar for my dog, I really donít have the money to buy a new one so if anyone has a good but used collar out there please PM me...

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    Default check collar clinic

    check collar , they have a slew of used collars that are reconditioned, and give you a 1yr warrenty(if I remember right). Call them, and tell them what you want to do, they will help you find the best collar for what you want to do. and don't forget, cheaper isn't always better. the cheap ones really suck, only work half the time. give them a call, super honest people!

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    Sportsmans Warehouse carries a Dogtra 2 dog collar for $310. I didnt believe it when my better half told me the price. I went in to look at it and it was the same quality of the Dogtra I bought 7 years ago. The new one works great, holds a charge longer and has a convenient toggle on the controller to switch dogs. we've had it since December and it has worked great along with the one we bought 7 years ago. Never been in the shop. Its great to train all 3 dogs at once so they learn to honor.


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