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Thread: Ice fishing in anchorage

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    Default Ice fishing in anchorage

    Hi guys/gals, does anyone know when the ice is too thin for ice fishing in Anchorage, sand lake for example?

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    The ice will probably be starting to rot soon, but each lake has it's own "timing". I mean some lakes have springs where the ice is usually thinner all winter, some lakes are out in the open where the sun hits it all day, while others are in low places where little sun can get to it and seems to take forever to thaw... Always be safe and check the thickness of the ice close to shore and along the way out to where you plan to fish the lake.
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    Default Sand Lake late season

    I usually fish sand lake all through march and into april. By the middle of April I usually quit ice fishing Sand lake and the rest of the lakes. Depends on the year and temperatures also. If the weather keeps up I will probably be done around the 1st week of April. Good luck, send me a PM if you want some pointers for the lake.

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    I just fished Little Campbell Lake today, and the ice was still in the neighborhood of 18" thick.


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