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    Anybody have any experience floating and fishing the Karluk river druing the fall? A buddy and I are looking at getting dropped off at the lake and floating the length of the river. We're thinking about a September trip and would like to try to time it to get in on both silvers and steelhead, as well as dollies. How late into September should we be looking at to try to get both silvers and steelhead? Any idea about river conditions in the fall? Weather? (I expect wet and windy)


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    I have floated it a few times in the fall. the later in september the better as the silvers don't even hit the lagoon until early september. best time for a combo is early october. the silvers stack up at the lake outlet, and there are lots of dollies there also. the eight miles of river from the lake to portage is very slow, and can be a tough float (paddle) when the wind is blowing upstream. it blows hard upstream alot there in the fall. the steelhead stack up in the 2 or 3 miles of river below portage. below that they are usually traveling fish. in my opinion the best fishing is just below portage. this is awesome dryfly water and the big karluk silvers will take them as well as the steelhead.

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    Thanks for the information about the timing. When you've floated the Karluk did you camp along the river banks, and if so is it difficult to get a permit from the native corporation? Have you used the cabins at Portage? How many days did you spend on the river? What are you recommendations for fly rods, size and length, especially if its windy?


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