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Thread: Anchorage Inboard Mechanic Recommendation

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    Question Anchorage Inboard Mechanic Recommendation

    Can anybody recommend a good inboard mechanic in Anchorage? I have a 302 Ford with a Holley 4 barrel. After it sits for a while, the carb seems to lose it's prime and it won't start unless I pour a little gas down the carb, which isn't the safest thing to do. It runs awesome once it's going, it's just hard to get started after it has set for a little while.

    Thanks for any recommendations!


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    Default Professional Marine

    I have been very happy with Professional Marine (563-2082) on Potter in Anchorage. Mike and John there have both been very helpful. I have a 24' Duckworth with a carburated Redline 460 (Ford).


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    Odies Marine or Noah's marine. You could try those two, but I've heard Professional Marine is good also.

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    How long is a little while? Are we talking about a couple weeks or more? Or just an hour or two while anchored up fishing? Gas will evaporate from the carburetor over a couple weeks of sitting, this is normal behavior. If it is happening in a couple hours, I'd be looking for fuel dripping from the carburetor, maybe from the accelerator pump diaphragm.

    My IO will dry up from sitting at the dock, but I installed a squeeze bulb in the fuel hose near the fuel pump (like you use to prime the outboards). If my boat has been sitting more than a couple days, I pop the cover up and prime the carburetor with the bulb before I start up. This also gives me a good excuse to check my oil and coolant, and look at my belts and hoses.

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    Thanks for the tips and recommendations! Professional Marine is right around the corner from my office, so I think I'll stop in and see if they can help me out.

    My carb will dry up after sitting for a few hours or so. I haven't noticed any leaks anywhere around the carb or fuel pump and my fuel line looks good. What is the accelerator pump diaphragm, and where would it be located? I'm a far cry from a mechanic, but I don't think it's sucking any air because it runs like a champ.

    Thanks again,

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    If your accelerator pump diaphragm is bad it will normally run very rich.


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