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Thread: A boat and Garmin 545s

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    Default A boat and Garmin 545s

    Hi gents

    First of all I would like to thank you all for all the information that you give out in the site. I am getting a Hewescraft 24 cuddy cabin in June with twin 115hp (new) Is there anything out there about this boat in plus or minus that I should know before i get things ordered Like do's and don't. Second they are putting a Garmin 545s in it and will this take care of my needs for the next 5 plus yrs for boating and running around seeing what this great state has to offer on the water. (open water not shallow river running) Thanks for the help T

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    as for the 545s, its a great unit. If you are running in the salt(i assume you will with that boat) that one is awesome. It has a 5 inch screen, which is a little small, but great becuase it doesn't take up much space. It's a fishfinder/gps combo so you'll have everything but radar. It has really cool satelite images of land. You can also buy the G2 card for $300-330 :O. That will give you a three dimensional view of the ocean floor, its neat, not very practical unless you're shrimping though. The card has some other extra features, but that one is the biggest. But overall, it is the easiest GPS to use on the market, IMO. Anything with Garmin on it will be easier.

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    Default GPS

    If I were you, I would spend the extra $ and get one with a bigger screen. 5" is pretty small. I would also go with the newest technology avail. I think that would be the 4 or 5 thousand series Garmin.

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    I've got the 3010c with the 10" screen and it makes a difference (especially for those of us over the half century mark!). I still need glasses to see the screen, especially when bouncing along at 30mph. Consider upgrading now - the additional cost for me to go from their standard offering was about $2500, which included adding 18nm radar, which is a must have IMHO. The new series has a touch screen, which means no more tiny buttons! Have fun with the new boat, hope to see you out there.



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    I bought a Garmin 545s last spring and love it . If I had the dash space (height wise) I would have bought a similar unit with a larger screen but still am more than happy with it. Absolutely buy the G2 3-D vision card for this unit - it has all the charts for PWS, Seward and Homer on that one card. I bought mine online from TigerGPS last May and the price for the card was $270. With this card you have options like 3-D viewing of the seafloor under your boat - adjustable from an overhead (looking down) to seeing the seafloor from a head-on view as if you are swimming along the bottom looking forward. You can also do a similar thing called the "Mariner's View" where you see the land (mountains, etc) above the horizon and the contours below the water all at the same time and in 3-D!! It's hard to explain but go to Garmin's website and check it out - you will be impressed.

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    Yeah, or go down to west marine and check them out. They have both touchscreen and non-touch screen units there.

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    Default Go Bigger.

    I second what 4whlr said. I bought the smaller screen(5") Garmin which worked great looking at it on the shelf or in the driveway. I then wished for the next 2 years that I would not have skimped out on a few bucks. While bouncing around out in the water it was difficult to read. Also with the larger screen, you can see more map detail or a larger area without too much clutter. Since then I purchased the 3210 which I am very happy with, but I could have saved money if I was not trying to be cheap in the first place.You have purchased a nice boat and will have great fun in it for years to come. DON'T SKIMP on a nice chartplotter.You will regret it.


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