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    Default 357 Baine & Davis

    I have an old "N" frame S&W in 357 mag. I have toyed with the idea of having it reamed out to 357 Baine and Davis. The 357 B&D is a 44 mag necked down to 357. This round largely duplicates the 357 Herrett.

    My question is would I have the same problem that was inherent with the 357 maximum? Would it eat top straps? Are the cylinder walls on the "N" frame enough thicker than the cylinders on the Blackhawk that the 357 maximum was chambered in, thus putting more air gap between the fire and the top strap? Any thoughts?

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    Can't give you an answer about the cylinder, BUT I've been thinking that one of those new 'wonder' finishes like Cerakote might work to keep the top straps from being flame cut. Worth a talk with a knowlegable 'smith anyways.

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    I had an old style 6 1/2" Ruger BH with an extra 9mm cylinder. That 9mm cylinder for that full sized 357 was not worth much to me but it came with the gun. I reamed it out to the 357-44 B&D. I think this is slightly faster than the 357 maximum and I shot it quite a bit but don't recall any sever top strap cutting with that caliber over the 357. I owned the package for about ten years and sold it to a guy who wanted the B&D capability. It did shoot jacketed bullets very well but never did like cast bullets of any type or weight. I think this was because of the bottle neck, the 357 bullets were seated so deep that they were below the neck and the lube was burned off them or something and it never shot a good group with cast lead bullets. I have load data for it but I'd have to dig it out. I don't think it is the equal of the 357 Herrett and certainly not in a 6" revolver. My Herretts were in 10" or 12" barrels and closed breach no cylinder gap. The 10" Herrett out runs the B&D easily when the B&D is in a revolver.

    The B&D was a surprise to shoot when the new shooter thought it was a 357. Wow!

    This cera-kote might just be the thing for a top strap, I've heard of hard chrome to slow top strap cutting. Interesting, Hmmmm!
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    Default B&D Deja Vu

    Talk about a blast from the past. I used to live about 2 miles from the B&D shop outside Alhambra, CA.
    I think using the Ruger single actions were the way to go for the B&D. Greater strength. Murphy is correct in it not being near the .357 Herrett in power. It was an interesting cartridge, but never really had a solid position or specific use. It was an intersting novelty, though. I chose the .357 herret in a contender.
    The guys at B&D would have given WWG a run for their money as far as, uh, unique customer service. A lot of their work wasn't up to par. If it wasn't for the .357-44, they would have been just another shop.

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    You guys are right! The Herrett and the B&D are comparable if both shot through A TC. However a suitable top end load for a TC just might turn a Smith into shrapnel.

    I gotta think on this project a while! From experience, heading into a project like this half *****ed usually ends up with a project left half finished!

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    Default .357 Herrett vs .357 Bain & Davis

    Actually, shot through comparable firearms, the Herrett comes out on top by several hundred fps. Makes sense considering the difference in powder capacity.


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