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    I went to the gun store today to order some reloading stuff. I got into a discussion with the salesman (who also owns a 300 WSM) about powder. He pointed out to me that some powders... for instance Win 760, are affected significantly by temp cahnges. He said Win 760 looses 2 fps for every degree of ambient temp change. Sooo... if one works up a load on a 50 degree day and goes out to shoot an elk on a zero degree day, that would add up to a loss of 100 affect on pressure, which has to have a significant affect on accuracy, ie. yer bullet will probably have a new point of impact. He recommended the Hodgdon extreme powders such as H4350 to me because they are not affect by temp changes. If this is true why even bother with any powder that is affected by temp change? I think I have narrowed my potential powder list from 5 to 2. Comments???

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    Well, I would recommend the H4350 eXtreme powder also for the one powder for the 300 WSM. Win 760 is a double base ball powder and it has always been know for its lack of temperature stability. I don't know about the 2 fps/degree but it will vary velocity over temperature. The biggest caution with the powder would be to not load to max loads at a cool 30 degrees then shoot at 80 degrees. There may be some sticky extraction.

    Two powders for the 300 WSM...RL-19 and H4350.

    I just shy away from ball powders if I can and never have to worry about the pressure/temperature fluctuations.
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    Thanks Murphy, I think i'm going to try to work up a load with H4350. I've heard and read a lot of good comments about this powder and the 300 WSM.


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