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Thread: Fairbanks Area Riding

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    Question Fairbanks Area Riding

    Has anyone done any riding in the Fairbanks area since some of the snow melted? If so any sugestions on where to go this weekend. Is the ice still good on the Chena? Thanks for the input.


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    The News Miner reported 5 people fell threw the ice during the Tire Iron race so I think I would stay of the Chena.

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    I would stay off of any of the rivers at this point. A week worth of above freezing temps makes me very wary of frozen over flowing water.

    The newsminer did say that 5 people went through the ice behind Pikes during the Tired Iron, which is very misleading. Two of the five that I saw didn't "fall" through, they were walking along in a very slushy spot and made a small hole in the ice where it was slushy, and as a result the bottom half of their leg got a little wet.

    I spent the day out on and around Chena Lakes yesterday. For the most part still plenty of snow on the lake and on the trails. Just have to be careful with liquid cooled machines without ice scratchers because the snow is pretty crushed so even a 2" paddle didn't kick up a lot of snow. I never had the over heat light come on, but I think I was pretty close at couple of times.


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