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Thread: Upper Yetna

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    Question Upper Yetna

    Does anybody know of a reputable air charter service that can transport 2 hunters and gear to the upper Yetna river area from Talkeetna/Willow/Valley?

    We would prefer a single trip, i.e. not using a super cub with multiple back and forths - and a slightly larger plane capable of landing on tundra tires on gravel bars.

    Any input on accessing that area would be appreciated.


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    Default flying svc

    You could give Barry with Denali flying svc a try. I have flown with him a couple of times.He can get two guys and gear in his maul.He Knows the Ak range very well and he's a really good guy to fly with. Sorry forgot, He's based right at the willow airstrip also.


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