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Thread: Anyone got a boat with a volvo d3?

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    Default Anyone got a boat with a volvo d3?

    I've got a 23' boat in need of a repower. I've seen an article about replacing a mercruiser sterndrive with a 5.0 v8 in a 23' with the volvo d3 duoprop drive that went well. A 5.7 fuel injected duoprop combo is about $17k and a D3 duoprop is $24k. Fuel economy really shoots up with the diesel and at $4.00/gal it looks good.

    Anyone out there running a D3?


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    Default Volvo d3

    I was specing out a new boat with twin 190 D-3's a while back. I would think you'd want the 190 with a 23' boat as a minimum but it's at the top of the output for this block so may be pushing it a bit. Check out The membership is worth it if you're thinking repowering with a diesel. Most posts there are complimentary of the engine and torque output. There have been some reports in the D family with problems with the electronic controls so don't know if that will affect the D-3. There aren't many up here yet according to the Seward Volvo dealer. He was the only contact I had with anything negative to say (aluminum auto block) but he hasn't worked on any so take it for what it's worth.

    Good luck with your repower!

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    I have the D4 260 DP in my 28' Bayliner. It was expencive but worth it. The boat handles better, better cruse speed, better fuiel consumption, and way better top end speed. The boat came with a cummins that should of lasted for ever, but it did not. I was north of Petersburg and had the cummins lock up. Spent two weeks getting it fixed and then lost it again in exatly 10hrs. Left it in Ketchikan and had Lighthouse Marine repower it with the Volvo. They do good work.


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