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Thread: Aloha! From HI

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    Default Aloha! From HI

    I'm brand new to this forum.
    I've visited AK bi-annually over the past two decades or so. Starting around Juneau, then Kenai, and now Kodiak (the best) for the past two trips. Usually July/August is our time. This year we'll be coming in later than usual for some silvers. Our trip is planned for mid to late September. Gear will be spinning/casting outfits in the 20lb and lighter range. Tackle will include the usual pixees, meps, and eggs. Anything I should know? Will there be any drastic changes besides maybe the weather that could be anticipated. Any suggestions are welcomed.


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    Welcome to the forum
    When you come up make sure you bring the sunshine with you.
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK

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    Default Hanapaa'

    Good to see you on the site.
    Born and raised in AK but found myself in the MI for the last couple of years. Ahi fever!

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    Default Returning to Kodiak?

    If you are going back there for the silvers in mid-September you are in for some super times.
    The only variable is the weather.

    The Kodiak book is in this site's bookstore...

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    Default Hey EB...

    What island are you on? I live on Kauai. We have a place in AK and have been going for 11 yrs. now. Family just got back (snowmachining). Fished this last Saturday off Kapaa/Kilauea, water was mirror calm, whales all over the place (getting ready to head back as they were out on the 1500 fathom ledge), got some aku's at the buoy, got a ono on our way to shallow bottom fishing, loaded up on bottom fish, then headed back to the launch and picked up a 25 lb. bull mahi (he tried to beat us up); look forward to hearing from you. Alaska's great, hey? Hawaii's not too bad either!

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    Thumbs up Spin and Glow

    Make sure you stop by Mack's or CY's and pick up some Spin and Glows (rainbow colors). They seem to work the best when casting from should have a great time. You may want to look at lighter line...20lbs is a little heavy 12lbs is the norm and usually casts better.


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