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Thread: Spurzak Lake ??

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    My wife, brother, and myself have all drawn DG475. We have booked our flight with SeaHawk into Spurzak Lake for late Sept. I know that DG475 is a very popular place so somebody has to have hunted out of Spurzak before.

    Can you share any tips like which direction the goats were from the lake, any special gear you would bring, if you had to do it again what would you do different, any trouble with bears, etc....

    Please PM me.

    Thanks a lot

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    Personally, I would not lock myself into one lake vs. another. With there only being a few options to drop into you need to be flexible....For example, last year Spurzak was socked in with fog and we could not get in. We actually had to set down on a small un-named lake and chill while Roland (seahawk) went home for the evening. We called in the morning and gave a wx report and the beaver showed up 30 minutes later. Spurzak was still socked in so we dropped into a different lake and was lucky enough to get a couple goats a few days later. Be flexible, have maps for 3 lakes instead of just one and be patient. The goats move with pressure and weather. Good luck


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