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    Default Homer Charters

    Any charters for halibut or winter kings going out tomorrow March 11th? I'm in town and would like to get some fish back in my freezer in Fairbanks. Right now it's only myself so I'm hoping to find one that was going out anyway or that has a couple of people scheduled to go. Any takers please call my cell 619-855-6231. Ask for Shawn. Thanks!

    *Do you need a king stamp for ocean kings? Dumb question but I don't know.

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    Default Good luck in Homer.

    I was in Homer last weekend and had fun catching both Halibut and a King. The guy I went out with was Richard Baltzer and his boat is the Obsession. If he don't have room or any clients he knows other boats doing the Winter Kings and they work somewhat amongst themselves placing clients to their mutual benefit. His website is and his phone number is there. For the day I was there he wanted to get out at 7:30 due to tides. Not sure how much that varies. I'd bet there is some boats going out in the morning.
    And if you get out and get some fish(if they catch some cod by accident speak up and say you'd like it or they throw it back!) hey it ain't you that's gotta fillet em! and head for Coal Creek Processing as soon as you get back if you get some fish. They'll cut'em up, vacuum pack them and package them, with ice, for shipping(I flew from Anchorage to Fairbanks on ERA) To have them frozen takes over night. Good Luck!
    P.S. You do need a King Salmon stamp.
    P.P.S. Think this is the number for Richard Baltzer, 1-877-699-5464.
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