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Thread: Eureka Report?

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    Default Eureka Report?

    Anyone up that way this weekend?

    I saw high temps all the way to Glennallen so I'd appreciate a heads up on conditions up that way

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    Rode Eureka last Saturday and today. The conditions were much better today. Same snow, but was much softer and didn't seem as windblown. We did stay out of the bad spots we found last weekend so maybe not a fair judge. Temp today was about 10 degrees. Very sunny and a great day. Snow was good, but not very deep. We typically look for powder and don't ride many trails. The trails were freshly groomed late in the day and in decent shape. Watch out for slush on some of the lakes. Was kind of surprised to see the slush in my trail after crossing some of the flat spots.

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    I also was at Eureka on Sat. We rode on the South side down to and around the Eureka glacier. Great sunlight and beautiful! There was some Okay powder along the spruce trees but otherwise kinda hard packed.


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