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    Is it possible/practical to run an 18' cataraft with a 25 horse long shaft prop up and down the Copper River, putting in at Chitina, and heading down the Copper from there? Or is that jet boat territory? Thanks

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    Default Props ok

    I hnow several people who run props. Captain Kim is a guide down there and has ben running twin props for quite some time. The main channel is very deep.
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    Default copper

    You will be fine going downstream but may be underpowered to come back upstream in some locations. Depending on water conditions the canyon can be very swift also lots of debri in river so a couple extra props are a good idea.

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    I ran that exact set up on an 18' NRS with 25hp yamaha 4stroke. First time down my friend and I were giving ea. other some really serious looks when we turned around in Woods Canyon to see how well we could run up river. Very slow. Ended up having to get close to the bank in the back eddy's to make any time at all.
    Do yourself a favor and run at least a 35 hp with prop. You'll make way better time especially if the river is running hard.
    Also, get a prop guard of some sort and always carry an extra prop or two cause you will hit rocks from time to time especially if you want to run further down than Haley Ck. That river is very hard to read but you should be fine if you are just going down to dip net.
    The cat set up is very stable but it gets a little squerrly when one pontoon hits a back eddy and the other is in the main channel. Be careful when you run close to the bank up or down which you will want to do on your way up as you make way better time.
    Are you going to be dip netting down there with that rig this summer?

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    Thanks for the replies. Mtnman, that was my thinking, to fish, and to dipnet. And to generally get out. I have a 25 horse Tohatsu 2 stroke I use on it. But with this new Kenai restriction, I am looking at getting a 35 4 stroke. Or instead of spending the money on that, just get a used river boat set up to have some fun with. I'm not real up to speed on river set ups, have been reading a lot on these forums about them, and am thinking "used" until I figure out what I really like/want. I like that Tohatsu and hate to forego it just because of this new Kenai reg, for one month.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if you put in at the city dock in Kenai, you can run more than 35 horse below the bridge, for dipnetting??

    Thanks again for the replies.

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    you can run more than 35 hp and you can run a two stroke. The limit in the management area is actually 50 hp now as long as you have a 4 stroke or a direct injected two stroke.

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    might have been a little unclear... there are no horsepower/motor type restrictions below the bridge, only above it.


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