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Thread: Moving to Healy, AK

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    Default Moving to Healy, AK

    To whom it may concern,

    I am moving to Healy, Alaska to work and flyfish. I will be arriving in mid April and would like to know where to start flyfishing for some good sized bow's.

    I am interested in fishing for anything that will bite so if there are other area's that offer good fishing for differant species of fish that will work also.

    Thank You

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    Default Oh know not a Yooper

    Well "Der" Trout Bum you won't find Frenchmans pond around Healy no Big Slough Fin Trouts like up der on the Escanaba River. Sorry had to go there being that your coming in from some of my old stoppen grounds.
    Give me a shout when you get to Healy. Don't expect to find open fishing around your new home for at least 3 more months. Something about being froze solid. Ice out your looking at the last week in May. Finding Trout you will have a nice 2 hour drive south.

    Blue Moose

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    If you go a couple hours south to Talkeetna and Willow, I believe you can have some great luck trout fishing.

    Willow Creek, and Montana Creek are supposed to be great for trout. There are also salmon there, and on the Little Susitna.

    I fished Willow Creek myself last year (for the first time since I just moved up from WI) and had a little bit of luck.

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    Default Healy fishing

    Go south of Healy (on the parks highway) to the top of the hill and turn right and drive right to Otto lake. It's stocked with rainbows and also has some greyling. There are also a few other places fairly close to Healy if you're interested in where all of the highway accessible fishing spots are, I would suggest buying a copy of "The Highway Angler" by Gunnar Pedersen. I'm sure that you could probably find a copy of it @ barns and noble. If not I think I got my copy @ the chevron station in healy, or @ fred meyers in fairbanks.
    This book is indispensable for any one from alaska or other wise that wants to road fish.
    good fishing



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