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Thread: Mat-Su Pike Derby March 1st to 31st 2008

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    Default Mat-Su Pike Derby March 1st to 31st 2008

    Has anyone else gotten out to fish for pike? Houston Lodge had only weighed in three entries when we stopped by yesterday. We heard that Houston Chamber of Commerce had an all-day event at Prator Lake, but haven't heard if they roped in any pike.
    I looked over their shoulder at the Lodge, and there were entries from Memory Lake and we got ours at Trapper Lake. We saw a couple of other parties at Trapper Lake, but don't know how they were doing. My wife Kathy caught a couple of little ones, so maybe she can win the smallest pike?

    Have you caught any pike through the ice lately? If so, where? What kind of bait? How was access? Let's get the word out so more folks catch more pike!

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    I didn't even realize there WAS a pike derby in the Valley. Do you have a website that has the rules?

    Ah... found it.
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