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    I'd like to take the ATV's to Eureka. Apparently there is some fishing out there from reading some ATV sites. Does anyone know what kind of fishing there is there, and some ideas about where to go? Grayling, pike, whatever?

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    No pike that I know of. Please correct me if I am wrong. Grayling all over the place. Lil Nel, Lil O, and many lakes. If you are heading past the Lil Nel, have a map and GPS, pack twice as much fuel as you think that you will need (minimum 5 gal per machine).

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    Yesterday some riding buddies and I did an 80+ mile ride at Eureka. We rode to Monument, up the Lil Nel to the Lil O, down the Lil O, over to Sonoma, up Yacko Creek, to the Tyone, back to the Lil Nel and to the parking lot. I burned about 10 gallons of gas on the whole trip.

    The trip is ALWAYS a bunch of fun. If its raining I probably wouldnt cross the Lil Nel unless your snorkeled. The Lil Nel as of this weekend wasnt deep at all.

    I did some fishing and caught 10 gayling 12" and up.


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