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Thread: Marine Survey/Vessel Inspection?

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    Default Marine Survey/Vessel Inspection?

    I'm thinking about buying a used boat from a guy in Wasilla.

    Do you know of anyone in the MatSu Valley that does Marine Surveys and complete vessel inspections?

    There is a very reliable one in Anchorage I know about, but just trying to
    keep in simple and in the valley.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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    Default here's one

    burkeshore marina, big lake...

    Maybe someone else can get you one closer.

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    Anchorage only because that's where the work is

    Default Marine Survey/Vessel Inspection

    00Buck,who is the one in Anchorage? I'm looking to get my boat redone for insurance,thanks.

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    Default Marine Surveys...

    Use the telephone Yellow Pages. Have spoken to several over the years.


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