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    Today while at a gun show here in Iowa I ran across a Mossberg 800 rifle in 308 cal. I have never owned one of these before and never really paid any attention to them. However this one caught my eye because it is wearing a real pretty walnut stock and the bluing was 98%. I shouldered the rifle and it fit me like a glove. I looked at the price tag and it had $350 that was crossed off, below that was $325 also crossed off, below that was $300 again crossed off followed by make an offer. I offered the guy $225 and took the rifle home for $250.

    This rifle has seen very little use, is still wearing the factory Williams sights and the scope mount holes even have the factory screw plugs in them. The bolt has six locking lugs much like a Weatherby MKV. I pulled the gun all apart this evening and I can't find a flaw in it anywhere. The bluing is as deep and as high gloss as any rifle I've ever owned and the wood to metal fit is perfect. The trigger is non adjustable but breaks cleanly at 4 lbs.

    Its kind of funny how the craftsmanship of 40 years ago with the walnut/blued steel can still make an old fart like me a little giddy!

    Do any of you guys have any experience with the Mossberg 800?

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    Default Great Value - Hit Hard

    I had a Mossberg 800 and also a Mossberg Shotgun 12 Ga.. Both guns Kicked Hard & Banged me up real hard.- don't know why. I had Rem in 3 in mag that was a softer shoot than the Mossberg shooting 2 3/4. Just my experience- they will take a lot of abuse especially the shotguns and they can drive tacks-- but you will pay -

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    Arrow mossberg 800

    The first deer rifle I bought for myself after I got out of high school was a Mossberg 800 in 243 killed 19 deer with it before I got the bigger and better bug and traded it off .I never had any problems with it. It shot just about everything I put through it into at least a inch at 100 yards. Probably fit me better than any out of the box factory rifle I've had another one I wish I had kept.Ronnie


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