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Thread: Denali area trails

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    Default Denali area trails

    I bought a four wheeler 2 years ago and have done some of the riding close to home on the short trails. I was thinking of going for some rides this summer for long weekend camping trips up on the Denali Highway. I have never been up that way, are there any trails that you could recommend for me and where they are located on the highway? Or if you guys have any other areas that you might recommend for long weekend trips.


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    Default Denali trails

    What part of the State are you coming from? We try to plan 2-3 trips to the Denali each year. It is best to plan three days depending on how you travel. We usually have 4-6 motor homes and trailers in our group. Any place between 9-15 riders. One place we like to ride BEFORE hunting season starts is the Swede lake area. There are many miles of trails there and not too difficult. The other area is in the area around the Big Su. Again lots of trails but could be more challenging.
    I hope this helps and who knows, we may cross paths up there some day.
    Good riding.


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