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Thread: Kayak fishing from whittier, seward, valdez, or homer

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    Default Kayak fishing from whittier, seward, valdez, or homer

    Hi guys,

    Have any of you ever fished from whittier, seward, valdez, or homer?
    If you have, do you mind giving me some info on your trip?
    I'd like to give it a try for salmon, halibut or rockfish, but I have NO clue where to begin.

    You can PM me if you prefer.


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    Default Sunny Cove

    I rented kayaks from Sunny Cove Kayak Co. in Seward once. Nice outfit. Not fishing specific, but they do rent kayaks. Not very expensive either. A nice hike in trip could be had just a few miles north of Seward at Lost Lake and Lower Paradise Lakes. One (or both) has a ADFG cabin (with motorboat) that you can rent for like $45/night. Something worth looking into if you would like some beautiful scenery and grayling fishing. Search those two names on google and google images.
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    Thanks Dan. Again.

    Anybody ever fish in the salt?

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    I fished out of Valdez last year off a kayak. We got dropped off at a Forest Service cabin on Hinchenbrook Island and had our way with the lingcod and chicken butts. Tangled with a few salmon too.

    Then we broke out the tackle for the big boys and wrestled with salmon sharks from the kayak ...

    One of the guys on that trip runs Liquid Adentures out of Seward and he does guided kayak fishing trips. You may want to contact him for info.

    I'll be back in Valdez in late July this time heading to a forest service cabin on Montague Island.


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    Holy macaroni tomato salad - I hafta checkout that link. Salmon shark in a kayak - you must have some severly oversized cajones.

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    Default great story

    the newspaper story is great,
    I have caught Halibut and bottom fish, but no,, sharks..
    what a great time.
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