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Thread: 2003 Yamaha RX1 Mountian LE

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    Question 2003 Yamaha RX1 Mountian LE

    I was thinking about buying this sled. Is it a good sled? It has 1300 miles on it. I thought it would be nice to get the 4 stroke. Thanks for the input.

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    They are a bit on the heavy side, but they are a good solid sled. I was one of the biggest naysayers about these sleds until I spent some time with one down in Valdez. They get around pretty good and it did just fine.

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    Plenty of power and they sip gas compared to anything else in the 150hp range, yes a bit heavy but my cousin manages his with a 162x16 and he is certainly not a big guy he just learned to throw his weight around and balance it. He also gets about 30% better fuel mileage than my 2 stroke 800.

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    Thumbs up Great sled, but not for beginners

    I bought an '03 RX 1 Mountain as my first sled and I was repeatedly told how hard they were to ride. They are heavy, but I agree with the other replies that it is great on gas and that 998cc engine has all the power you could want. After riding all season, I can keep up with just about any of the 2 stroke lighter machines my buddies ride, but can ride longer compared to their gas mileage.

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    Thumbs up Mtn Vector 151"x2"

    I just bought a Yammy 4 stroke and at first I thought maybe it wasn't for me. There was definitely a difference in the weight & pivot points than my 2 stroke Mtn Max and my wifes Ski-Doo. At first I tried to manhandle it and it chewed me up & spit me out. After awhile I found the right balance, trusted it a bit more and let the machine have at it! What a difference! I would say these are much better for experienced riders but I'm very happy with it. I know I'll never go back to a 2 stroke again.


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